lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

Cavernous Malformation in the Anterior Optic Pathways Manifested by an Unilateral Sudden Loss of Vision -A Case Report and Review of the Literature-

We report a case of a 11-year-old boy who presented with sudden loss of vision in the right eye. Two days before he experienced a mild headache when he woke up that vanished during the day. A cerebral computed tomography scan (CT) and an magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed a lesion in projection to the right suprasellar cistern. At the operation a typical cavernous malformation (CM) with old and fresh hematoma was found in the right optic nerve (ON), optic chiasm (OC) and optic tract (OT) with a surrounding hemorrhage. Microsurgical total resection was done and the patient’s vision much improved. This case report emphases the importance of a rapid diagnosis and reminds us that CM can also occur in young patients presenting as an unilateral sudden loss of vision.

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