lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

A case report of uncommon manifestation of kala-azar with Association of hepatocellularcarcinoma

A 50 year old male resident of Bihar presented to MVJ Medical college hospital with h/o fever, Upper abdominal pain - on and off from 6 months. He was a known diabetic, on treatment.Examination revealed Pallor, Icterus, Hepatomegaly, No splenomegaly, No Lymphadenopathy.USG confirmed the findings, Liver and Bone-marrow biopsy showed LDBODIES, with F/S/O Hepato-cellular carcinoma. Patient expired even after appropriatetreatment.Association of malignancy has been reported in literature, more in cutaneous Leishmaniasis,causing basal cell carcinoma and hematological malignancies.The classical presentation of Kala-azar includes prolonged fever, splenomegaly,hepatomegaly, anaemia, weight loss and sometimes adenopathy. Atypical presentationscan be equally challenging to the clinician like in our case.Point of interest in this case is KALA-AZAR without splenomegaly and associationwith HEPATO- CELLULAR CARCINOMA.

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